Eco Yoga Villages Around the World

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Eco Yoga Villages Around the World

Our effort is to create unique communities and more of eco yoga villages. We are establishing sacred places around the world to help people connect with nature through volunteering. Experiencing a truly natural lifestyle teaches us about ecology, sustainability and the benefits of communal living. In addition to caring for our outer environment, we also offer many opportunities for volunteers to cultivate inner consciousness. Experience it through different spiritual practices of the Inbound School of Yoga.  

Our motto: “Simple living, elevated thinking” best expresses the lifestyle we aspire to. Please check our website from time to time for updates about new volunteer projects in our Eco Yoga Villages. We are part of an international network of eco yoga villages that have yoga centers, meditation, vegetarian restaurants. You may find these eco parks in more than 25 countries worldwide, including two in INDIA. Eco Yoga Villages website.

What are the Eco Yoga Villages?

They serve as ashrams, places of shelter from environmental degradation and materialistic oppression in society. For this reason, we are striving to create self-sufficient communities. Ones where everyone can partake in spiritual practice, conscious artistic expression and healthful lifestyle.

All structures and facilities are designed and constructed with attention to protecting the beautiful natural environment of the places. We also place great emphasis on growing our own organic food for daily consumption. In order to realize our objectives for self-sufficiency, we depend on the efforts of friends and volunteers. Young enthusiasts who should be serious-minded, well-intentioned, responsible individuals.

Since many of the places are at various stages of completion, there may be a need for improvisation, flexibility, patience and perseverance in the face of challenges. Please report any personal health issues in advance, including substance abuse or addictions, so that we may find the proper place to help you heal. Final approval of volunteer service depends on local ashram directors and can be cancelled at any time.

There is usually a minimum of one month for volunteering, but shorter periods may be accepted in certain circumstances. As a volunteer please adhere to all rules and regulations of the ashram. Please refrain from smoking, consuming drugs or alcohol and be a vegetarian. Thank you.

Eco Yoga Villages in Peru – Eco Truly Park

Eco Truly Park in Peru

Eco Truly Park in Peru

The architecture and values of the community are inspired in part by ancient Indian traditions and lifestyle. The unique cone-shaped structures or truly house are various shrines and temples, a planetarium, ashrams, galleries, performance halls and meditation spaces.

Some of the volunteer programs available include organic farming, vegetarian cooking and baking, as well as general maintenance of the park. The Eco Truly Park is the foremost ecological educational center in Peru. It has inspired similar successful projects in neighboring countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

Contact Eco Yoga Truly Park for information about volunteering here.

Eco Yoga Villages in Ecuador – Vrindavan Ecological Gardens

Vrindavan Ecological Gardens in Ecuador

Vrindavan Ecological Gardens in Ecuador

Vrindavan Ecological Gardens is located 1340 meters above sea level, in a magnificent subtropical jungle, on 65 hectares of land. Most of it is virgin forest with spectacular waterfalls and pools for bathing. This farm receives visitors from all over the world and has a splendid vegetarian restaurant and a temascal (sweatlodge).

In the great bio-diversity of the Ecological Corridor you can find more than 1000 species of the 3700 orchids indigenous to Ecuador likewise many other exotic plant species. Situated in the heart of this beautiful valley, you can appreciate these beautiful gifts of mother nature in our orchid farm. Here you may lead a holistic lifestyle, harmonizing with the environment.

There is no other place in Ecuador where you can eat great vegetarian food, play with a monkey, admire orchids, plant herbs and sweat out toxins in a temascal. Some of the activities that await you at Vrindavan Ecological Gardens include yoga retreats, mystical and ecological tours, natural medicine, meditation, Vedic philosophy, organic agriculture, permaculture and vegetarian cooking.

For more information on volunteering in Vrindavan Ecological Gardens please visit their website.

Eco Yoga Villages in Colombia – Varsana Ecological Gardens

Volunteering in Colombia - Varsana Ecological Gardens

Varsana Ecological Gardens in Colombia

Varsana Eco Yoga Village was established over 40 years ago. It is bringing together people from all over the world to learn about Vedic philosophy and holistic lifestyle in harmony with caring for and respecting Mother Earth. Inspired by sustainable agricultural initiatives of native folks of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and the famous environmental activist Vandana Shiva of India. The residents of Varsana have embarked on an ambitious project to cultivate their own food using organic farming, permaculture and bio-dynamic techniques.

Cultivating spiritual awareness through yoga practice, meditation and the study of ancestral wisdom are essential ingredients of the holistic lifestyle of Varsana. You will find many sacred sites throughout the gardens such as a Vaishnava Hindu temple, a Kiva or Heart of Mother Earth Sanctuary, a shrine to Lord Shiva and the sacred hill of Giri Govardhan. Actually the whole place is considered a holy site by native sages of Colombia. They regard it as sacred ancestral territory which was selected to uphold the principles of Ikwashenduna, the Guardians of Mother Earth.

Volunteering at Varsana offers many cultural and holistic activities such as creating conscious art (wood carving, painting, dance, music, drama, cooking, etc.). Moreover different therapies involving music, mantra, massage, temascal (natural sweat lodge), eco-hiking, bathing, juicing. As well as many workshops and lectures on spiritual awakening.

There is much more to discover about the Varsana Ecological Gardens here.

Eco Yoga Villages in Argentina – Eco-Yoga Park

Eco Yoga Park in Argentina – Volunteering in Eco farms of South America

Eco Yoga Park in Argentina – Volunteering in Eco farms of South America

The Eco Yoga Park is one of the major world headquarters of the international chain of ecological villages worldwide. They continue to establish themselves in order to create an ideal space in connection with nature. In this way they offer a unique chance to go deep into practices such as yoga and meditation. Besides, discovering the richness of organic food and learn about sustainable alternatives connected with architecture, philosophy and other aspects of our daily lives.

The park was originally established in 1996 and since then has continued to grow through various projects and programs. One of its most important aspects is the organic garden, from which virtually 100% of the food consumed in the park comes from. As well as our permaculture-based constructions and various techniques of natural architecture.

The residents of the community also work as volunteers. They devote their valuable time and energy to develop the project as well as their own personal cultivation. Furthermore providing holistic talents in many areas such as languages, tourism, ecology, cooking, philosophy, psychology, music and various arts, among many other opportunities. The Eco Yoga Park actively promotes community experience. Moreover inspiring visitors to have a glimpse of the magic of sharing the same space and interests with a number of people of a similar nature. Thus opening the door to a whole new world of friends and relationships that will surely fill you with joy and enthusiasm.


Other opportunities here

The site also serves as a Bhakti-yoga ashram (spiritual community), also known as the Yoga of Love. In this way, anyone interested can get to know more about the wisdom of ancient India. Here we help you discover concepts such as karma, reincarnation, and many other values connected to Eastern spirituality and mysticism. We provide it through a number of interesting gatherings, held weekly.

In conclusion, our desire is to share a lifestyle based on simple and healthy living and very deep and high feeling. In this way we can give to each other a whole range of new experiences that will enrich our lives and foster our abilities.

Learn more here.

Eco Yoga Villages in India – Vrinda Kunja Ashram

Volunteering in India – Vrindavan and Mayapur

Volunteering in India – Vrindavan and Mayapur

India is a good fit for someone interested in experiencing spirituality by being immersed in authentic Vaishnava ashram life. Just living in India’s sweet Vrindavan is a unique experience. Imagine lots of sadhus (holy men) walking and praying in the streets, doing their puja (worship ritual) at the holy Yamuna River. You can be an active participant by helping to clean the streets and river, practicing bhakti yoga, and learning about Vedic philosophy and culture. There is even an informative Imlitala blog containing great info on ancient Indian culture. Making it all happen is a young and talented dynamic team of committed bhakti yoga enthusiasts.

We are an active community of lifelong members and volunteers from all around the world. We believe that having a diverse group of people of different ages and backgrounds creates an inspirational environment. One where individual talents and experience can come together in a spirit of service and cooperation. Thus, our saying “unity in diversity” offers everyone a chance to contribute in a meaningful way.

You are most welcome to participate in any of our projects. The Vrinda Kunja Ashram in India is a place of coordination for many different projects. These are mainly based on the Vedic principles of seva (service), dana (charity), tapa (austerities) and yagna (sacrificial ritual).

Hi! Do you want to get involved in our 10-day volunteer program in India? Learn more here !

More information about the ashram activities

As an authentic Hindu ashram in the Vaishnava tradition, all of our activities are spiritual in nature, meaning everything is considered devotional service. In welcoming volunteers who likely have had no exposure to Vaishnavism or Hindu spirituality, we are respectful of your own personal beliefs and spiritual practices. With open minds and hearts we encourage you to join us in our spiritual activities. If you are interested in further opportunities for volunteering in India, please read our article on Volunteering in India.

Our service to the holy places is mainly based on protecting and cleaning the banks of the sacred Yamuna River. As well as other parts of the city of Vrindavan. We maintain collecting and recycling garbage, as well as restoring some of the important ancient temples.

We make special efforts to create awareness about all these initiatives in the local people. For more information, please visit the volunteer project Vrinda Kunja website.

Eco Yoga Villages in Hungary – Nandafalva Hindu Temple and Gardens

Volunteering in Hungary – Hindu Temple Nandafalva

Volunteering in Hungary – Hindu Temple Nandafalva

Nestled in the heart of the Hungarian Great Plains, lies a true spiritual oasis, Nandafalva. Entering into the temple gardens, you feel as if you could be in a village in India lost in time. For those seeking tranquility and a peaceful environment to deepen spiritual awareness this is the perfect place. The community conducts its activities under the auspices of the Hindu Vaishnava Church and the Hungarian Vaishnava Hindu Association. Religious, cultural and educational programs are organized on a regular basis in various public cultural and educational institutions.

Projects here are ongoing to revive the south Hungarian farmland. Developing the infrastructure, the residents of Nandafalva are doing organic gardening, daily spiritual practices such as studying Vedic philosophy. They do meditating, yoga asanas and increasing the beauty of the natural environment, making it more suitable for living. 5 hectares of forest have been planted, and organic wheat is grown on 8 hectares.


Recently at Nandafalva

Recently they have acquired their own milling machine to process the wheat. They seek to reforest the old farmland destroyed by agricultural techniques of the old communist regime. Due to conscious efforts, finally one can observe biodiversity returning to the land. Many species of birds and other animals appear again which have not been seen in the area for decades.

Volunteers are eagerly welcomed to help in the preservation of natural resources. You can participate in gardening, maintaining the beautiful grounds and preserving some of the old structures. The residents of Nandafalva are very family-oriented, and their dream is to become a self-sustained eco-community for future generations.

Please learn more at website of Nandafalva Hindu Temple made for volunteers.

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