The University of Ancestral Wisdom

Vrinda Kunja Ashram also serves as a campus for the UDSA, (University of Ancestral Wisdom), India is one of the richest countries in terms of ancient knowledge, his wisdom is called Veda, which has been preserved for millions of years through oral tradition of a teacher disciple chain. Today we can know about this compilation of science and its many applications through different writings compiled by learned scholars. Among the most important areas of research in the Indian ancestral wisdom are, Ayurveda, the ancient medicine from the Vedas recognized by the World Health Organization as “Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, the Yoga, the science of harmonizing body, mind and spirit and Jyotish, or the science that studies the influence of the stars in the lives of the Human beings.

Introduction Video

What we Offer

Our Campus offers the unique possibility to carry out studies on the most important areas of the Indian ancestral knowledge, with the unrivaled choice to learn, understand and experience directly on the origin site of the wisdom, and to known how the masters of these sciences live their culture and knowledge.

Paramadvaiti Swami, Presents the UDSA

The need to rescue the world’s treasures that the ancestral knowledge possess and that were side-lined by the predominant traditions of Western European culture, has led the foundation of this non-profit organization, which also represents a base from where the ancient cultures of the world can showcase their knowledge with interested students.

The Indian culture and wisdom is very special in this area as it is one of the few ancient cultures that still maintains active practically their own values and knowledge, our campus in Vrinda Kunja is located in the heart of Vrindavan, a city with more than 5,000 years old, birthplace of bhakty yoga, which takes place in a simple, quiet and spiritual environment.

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