Become a Volunteer of The UDSA

All those who want to become a volunteer for help in the work of the UDSA, our office can receive your curriculum. Please send the ideas that you have to improve the service with appropriate deadlines to complete them.

Become a Volunteer of The UDSA

Volunteer UDSA - Vrinda Kunja Ashram

People Volounteering in Vrinda Kunja Ashram

Volunteers also have the opportunity to take courses at the appropriate time according to each service. They can learn about the ancestral conscious feeding and healthy lifestyle of ancient cultures.

If you feel inspired you can do volunteer service from home, visiting the websites, by helping with translation or similar applicable skills. University for Ancestral Wisdom is a multi-purpose project with different objectives.

You can volunteer in many ways that improve our service to the local community. Above all, it allows deepening our spiritual tune through activities such as daily meditadion and kirtan. Help us to preserve the important and deep ancient wisdom of this beautiful country. Here you will do many things that would fullfil your heart with joy and peace.

We also have our teachers and cultural ambassadors travelling worldwide to give lectures and organize courses.

“Simple living, high thinking” M.Gandhi

To increase the number of volunteers in different places, we invite you to learn about our plans and programs. Browse our webpage and see if any of our areas of service fit you.

For this reason, here you can get more information about volunteer in India.

If you want to be part of our volunteer program or if you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

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