About UDSA

University for Ancestral Wisdom “UDSA” obeys the original law. The law that directs our universe and our desire to learn about it. It also obeys the well-wishers of all living beings, the guardians of Mother Earth, regardless of what part of the world they come from. The UDSA understands and accepts any valuable contribution to the welfare of all.


When speaking of general ancestral wisdom, we are presenting all the knowledge used for care the planet and the welfare of humanity coming from different sources tested in the practice of life.

The UDSA, obeys the older siblings who have shown maturity and training to harmonize their life, their community and the modern world, guiding this service for the good of all living entities.

What about the knowledge of wisdom at UDSA?

Accompanying the ancestral wisdom is the wisdom of the mystical and spiritual traditions. This wisdom is presented under the same parameter, to give us an idea about how different communities of the world appear and evolve over the time while preserving their cultures.

In India, our purpose is to reveal the depth of Vedic knowledge, using the best human, ethical and academic resources. Then again preserving the hegemony and Vedic education methodology, waiting with open arms for all those wishing to supplement their knowledge with the scientific and practical methods than the Vedas have given to humanity for millenniums.

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