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ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

Braja Mandal Parikram 2019

We are happy to announce our 35th annual Braja Mandal Parikram, on this occasion with the valuable participation of Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami, Srila B.V. Atulananda Acharya Swami and many other distinguished spiritual figures, all outstanding representatives of Gaudiya Vaishnavism around the world.

You are personally invited to participate in this amazing experience that will lead you all around the beautiful land of Braj Vrindavan, the mystical city of five thousand temples.

The Land of Love - Vraja Mandal Parikram 2019

Thanks to our spiritual masters, once a year we have the opportunity to participate in a month long pilgrimage during the sacred month of Kartik! This is a once in a lifetime chance to deepen our understanding of the Bhakti Yoga practice and our sincerity on the spiritual path, in the most sacred place in the universe. There is no environment more favorable for learning, meditation, prayer and spiritual practice.

Love is all about life, and life in Vrindavan is all about love! Experience the impressions of Bhakti, unique devotional moods which are found all around the sacred sites of Braj. Thrive in the places where Lord Krishna and his associates carried out their divine pastimes. Get to know people from all over the world who are also in search of the ultimate goal of life, transcendental love!.

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ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

Ever wonder how Indian incense is made?

Since time immemorial we use incense in religious rituals. Recently we had an adventurous experience with incense on our Indian spiritual tour  and we would like to share it with you. Many people burn incense during daily meditation and relaxation as well as for many other purposes. There is a huge demand for incense all over the world. Unfortunately large industrial producers are not careful enough about all aspects of their product. Read on to find out the significant difference between natural and synthetic Indian incense. Sintetic incense can even affect your health.

Life is a spiritual journey

Natural Indian incense has yellow colour and is smells special.

The smell of indian incense can’t be confused with any other smell.

Life is a journey that often takes you away from your planned route. We were visiting some Hindu temples in South India when we had a nice surprise. While touring among amazingly beautiful  Indian sacred sites, we just met a nice family making Indian incense or agarbattis. It was amazing! Can you believe that they were rolling them one by one? A skilled agarbatti maker can actually produce about 5000-6000 incense sticks a day!
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ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

Volunteer organizations in India

Volunteer organizations in India represent a unique opportunity for inner personal growth while performing meaningful service to those in need.  The holy lands of India are in urgent need of protection. Mother Nature is calling you to help restore her rivers, soil, forests, jungles and of course her dear people and animals. Your helping hands are needed in so many areas, so how does one decide where to go and whom to help?  To help you determine where you might fit in best, we are presenting some of our favorite volunteer projects and volunteer organizations in India. So we wish you well in your efforts and thank you in advance for your sacrifice and commitment. Here you will get the list you needed. Best tip: stay in Tree house in India while doing volunteer service.
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