Hindu temple at home

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Hindu temple at home

Hindu temple at home: to feel a connection with God

Having a Hindu temple at home for domestic worship has always been common in Hindu society from ancient times to the present day. This sacred tradition has been passed down generation to generation through beautiful rituals performed at home by adults and children alike. Everyone in the household can feel a connection with God and express their love to the deity. One simply cannot imagine an Indian home without an altar or shrine!

To be human means to search for the ultimate meaning of life, to find out who we are and what our purpose in life is. Can a domestic shrine help us cultivate our spiritual growth? There is only one way to find out!

Hindu temple at home means being in community with God.

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada worshiping Krishna-Balaram deities in Vrindavan.

 The importance of having a Hindu temple at home

According to Vedic shastra (ancient Indian scripture), if you wish to invite God to appear, then you should place deities (forms of the Lord) on an altar for daily worship.   God will readily  accept anyone, who sincerely desires to love Him by performing rituals. Believe it or not, your daily life is already full of objects of adoration and rituals. There are from brushing your teeth to watching films on your marvelous tablet, to putting on expensive jewelry.

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So why not include a very special kind of ritual – beyond anything mundane or ordinary – and bring real meaning to your life? If you are so inclined to do some spiritual practice such as meditation or prayer, then it is essential to dedicate a corner or small space (even an entire room!) in your home. This place is meant to be where you can enjoy peace and solitude during your practice. Offering a flower to the Supreme Lord can be a beautiful experience. This way your home becomes a temple. Anyone living with you or visiting your home will receive a divine blessing.

Basic temple worship at home

Creating your own sacred space with an altar and deity can be empowering and fun.

  • First select a corner of a room or small space preferrably facing East. This space will dedicated solely to your worship. Using a table or piece of furniture that is elevated a few feet off the ground.
  • Set up your altar with an ornate cloth and other paraphernalia for worship such as candles, incense holders, vases for flowers, etc.
  • Place a statue (murti) or picture of your beloved deity in the center and your altar is complete!
  • Oh, there’s one more thing you need to add: loving intention and devotion!
  •  Everyday before you begin your meditation practice or prayer,  you can offer a flower (if you don’t have a flower, even a leaf will suffice), a piece of fruit or some incense or water to your deity. You can recite any mantra from your heart or sing to express your love. You will be amazed how such a simple gesture can transform your consciousness and bring more love into your life while endearing you to your deity. As your devotion deepens over time, you will naturally wish to enhance the beauty of your sacred space with more valuable adornments and offerings.  This will make your deity shine with happiness.

Who will grace the altar of our Hindu home temple?

Naturally we should aspire to worship The Supreme Lord on the home altar. In doing so, try to establish a loving relationship with Him. The most authoritative ancient Hindu scriptures spoken by Lord Brahma himself, declare that Govinda (another name of Krishna) is the supreme worshipable personality of Godhead. Of course, who you place on your altar is your personal preference, but if we want special divine mercy why not aspire for the topmost deity?

Most of us have difficulty imagining how God looks like. We can acquire specific deity forms or images such as small statues or pictures to help us see our deity. He accepts different forms, so we can serve him face to face. Our goal is to form a relationship with the deity that is based on loving devotion.  Performing a daily puja (ritualistic offering or greeting) at home is a beautiful way to establish this intimate relationship.

Hindu temple at home brings purity and peace in our life.

Just a simple altar and our life will be more balanced and pure.

Basic Hindu worship (puja) at home

In our hindu temple at home once we have created a beautiful altar for God, we can begin to offer Him objects that He loves. The more beautiful and sweeter the objects are, the more pleasing they will be to your Ishtadev (beloved deity). The offering ceremony has some simple guidelines regarding cleanliness and sequence. But in the beginning it isn’t necessary to learn all the rules. Just imagine that the most important person in the world is visiting your home. Than think about how you should treat him. The most important thing is to do everything with sincere love and devotion.  For a fancier or more opulent puja,  we can start following the guidelines and offer incense, fire, water, cloth, flower, yak tail fan, peacock feather fan and specially prepared foods.

This short video on traditional Indian Hindu worship was made by Vrinda Kunja team just around the corner from our ashram, in Gopeshwar Mahadev temple. Source: bharata.hu

Transform your home into a Hindu temple

Visiting an authentic Hindu temple is an amazing experience, but sometimes we are not able to visit temples. Temples housing our preferred deities of worship may be very far away from our homes. Creating a hindu temple at home solves this problem instantly and permanently. As soon as we make our own temple and begin home worship, we begin to notice a transformation. Peace, harmony and prosperity envelop our home and our lives. Not just our connection with God becomes stronger. Our relationships with family and friends improve too, especially if others join our worship. The entire atmosphere in our home becomes noticeably purer and full of loving sentiments. If God is in the center of our attention, He radiates joy, comfort and love to everyone around Him. So, why not have a hindu temple at home?

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