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ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

History of Vrinda Kunja Ashram in Vrindavan

There was once a Vaishnava kingdom in northeast India called Manipur. There lived a queen two hundred years ago who betrothed the king of the neighbouring state of Tripura. That king had a temple in Vrindavan called Tripura Kunja. The temple was situated right behind the sanctuary of Gopeshwar Mahadev, the guardian of Vrindavan.



The History of Manipuri-Rani Kunja in Vrindavan

History of Vrinda Kunja: Manipuri queenThe queen requested a special place for herself and her Manipuri friends to reside in the holy place of Vrindavan, so they acquired the neighboring property and called it Manipuri-Rani Kunja. It was a large property with beautiful, exotic, native trees. They constructed a temple and established the deities of Sri Sri Radha Vraja Mohan, honoring the beloved deities of Srila Narottam Das Thakur who was the founder of the Vaishnava movement in Manipur in the 16th century. Read More

ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

Visit Vrindavan, the finest of all ancient hindu sacred sites

This is an insightful article capturing the essence of Vrindavan and amazingly describes why you should visit Vrindavan. It was written by Bhakti Shakti Devi, a longtime practitioner of bhakti yoga and lifelong member of the Vrinda family. She has led many tours to India and to different sacred places of South America. She has performed important volunteer work at the Vrinda Kunja Ashram in Vrindavan as well as in other holy places around the world. She is originally from Bulgaria but now resides with her family in Sweden.
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ByVrinda Kunja Ashram

Hindu temple at home

Hindu temple at home: to feel a connection with God

Having a Hindu temple at home for domestic worship has always been common in Hindu society from ancient times to the present day. This sacred tradition has been passed down generation to generation through beautiful rituals performed at home by adults and children alike. Everyone in the household can feel a connection with God and express their love to the deity. One simply cannot imagine an Indian home without an altar or shrine!

To be human means to search for the ultimate meaning of life, to find out who we are and what our purpose in life is. Can a domestic shrine help us cultivate our spiritual growth? There is only one way to find out!
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