Vraja Mandal Parikram 2020

Vraja Mandal Parikram 2020

We invite you to participate in the 36th anniversary of the Vraja Mandal Parikrama organized by our Vrinda Kunja family, which will take place this year from the 31st of October to the 29th of November, 2020. Kartik is also known as the month of Damodar. It is a month of supreme importance. It is a marvelous month full of mercy. Everything we do for Radha-Krishna during this month is multiplied by millions. Kartik is the best, the purest and most glorious of all months.

The month of Kartik is particularly dear to Bhagavan Sri Krishna and whatever vrata (vow), even the smallest one, will yield great results. This auspicious and transcendental pilgrimage will be guided through various sacred sites of Sri Vraj Mandal such as Govardhan, Gokul, Raval, Varsana, Nanda Gram, Kedarnath and Vrindavan: and at the same time we will celebrate important festivals such as Sarad Purnima, Deepawali, Sri Govardhan Puja, the appearance of Sri Radha Kunda and many more.

Dear devotees and friends, the general donation for the month of Kartik this year is USD$108, which includes: Access to all the materials created to make this virtual parikram an unique experience.  We request you to be in contact with us through vrindakunja@gmail.com for more information.

Inscription Form, for the devotees who are going to join the Virtual Vraja Mandal Parikram 2020

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