Recommendations for the Parikrama


35th Vraja Mandal Parikram of the Vrinda Mission

Dear devotees,

We kindly request that you please be very punctual with the Mangal Artika programs, Srila Gurudeva’s classes and all the Parikram timings. Thus, our service will be much more dynamic. Please be ready to help out our small team of devotees in any way you can at Vrinda Kunja, taking into consideration that this is a 30 day celebration in which your help will be fundamental in order to improve our service.

Please bring lanterns or flashlights, sleeping bags, and medicine in case of allergies or digestion problems. A very important point to keep in mind is that here in India clothing is very cheap, so you can consider using luggage to bring donations such as school supplies and children’s clothing for the Hanuman School students, gardening equipment, rubber gloves for the Yamuna daily cleaning, and any other items you consider to be useful for Srila Gurudeva’s projects in India.

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