Recommendations for the Parikrama


35th Vraja Mandal Parikram of the Vrinda Mission

Dear devotees,

Thank you for your interest in Braj Mandal Parikram!

Below we share the following suggestions to improve your experience in Vrindavan!

We kindly request that you be very punctual with the Mangal Artik programs, classes, prasadam and all the Parikram timings. Thus, our service will be much more dynamic. Remember, Vrindavan is a place where we come to serve! Please be ready to help out our small team of ashram devotees in any way you can, taking into consideration that this is a 30 day celebration in which your help will be fundamental in order to improve our service.

Please remember to bring a sleeping bag, gloves for Vrindavan cleaning and medicine in case of allergies, colds or digestive issues. We ask that you do not bring any single use plastic items with you when you arrive in Vrindavan (plastic bags, water bottles, etc.), as they will likely remain somewhere in the dham after you leave. Inspired by our dear Guru Maharaj, we make our best effort to avoid the use of plastic in Vrindavan, and avoid littering at all costs. Upon arrival, you can purchase a reusable water bottle and any other necessary items.

Vrindavan is home to an extensive monkey population. Monkeys are known to steal personal such as hats and glasses. It’s best not to wear sunglasses during your stay in Vrindavan. If you require glasses for vision, remember to avoid wearing them as much as possible whenever outside. If you bring a sun hat, make sure it ties in the front.

An additional point to keep in mind is that in India clothing and personal items are very inexpensive. Visitors can consider using luggage to bring donations such as school supplies, for the Hanuman School students, gardening equipment, and gloves for Vrindavan cleaning. Please contact the devotees at Vrinda Kunja for more information on what to donate.

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