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Welcome to the most sacred corner of the Universe, Sri Vrindavana Dhama. According to the development sound, this site is also known as Bhauma Vrindavan, the place on Earth where Sri Krishna ran his deepest and most intimate pastimes, whose incomparable sweetness (lila-madhurya) has the potential and intention to attract ourselves to a life of divine service.

Sadhu Sanga - Vraja Mandal Parikram 2019

Although our material senses may still perceive the relativity of this plane in time and space, we are told that every aspect of Dhama is constituted of cit-sakti, or transcendental substance conscious, all of which can be present in the room manifesting before us in a seemingly crude form and ordinary (aprakrita), with the sole purpose of helping us to conceive from our current situation, the reality that really is far above the deck like it: a pure and divine existence, based on spontaneous love free from selfishness and calculation (jnana-sunya bakti).

To get there you’re probably in an external sense one has to travel for hours or even days, but in truth we are told that a soul that makes it to a site like this, only then makes millions and millions of lives, through a very long journey in which being has remained more digging in different directions, to finally get to the very home of Sri Hari, one corner of the universe where the ultimate expression of the Absolute chose down next to his dwelling, associated and various powers to bless every soul that sincerely desires to continue the steps vrajavasis and unique humor of devotional service.

These few words (along with hundreds of verses in the scriptures glorify Dhama) try to give us a little idea of the infinite greatness of the personal abode of Sri Hari, and for anyone aspiring to visit Sri Vrindavan experience a stay of the more favorable and inspiring there, our guru-varga gives us a series of recommendations to consider in our best interest…

First, one must understand in advance that the sole purpose of visiting a holy place is that the influence of such a place closer to us in some way or another to holiness, purity and truth.

Therefore, it is obvious that while we chose to stay in such places must make the best of our efforts to maintain proper, both internally and externally attitude.

Externally it is suggested to avoid all acts against the peaceful atmosphere of the Dhama and our own practice (pratikulyasya varjanam) consume all kinds of harmful substances for our bhajana, incurring degrading tendencies that disturb our mind and senses apply violence in any form in connection with any of our residents Dhama, nurture selfish desires of enjoyment without considering the consequences that this may generate in the environment, etc.. Such trends can be easily counteracted by various angas of bhakti, all of which point to a favorable crop (anukula) of our devotion (Krsna-anusilanam). Most notably we are encouraged to partner with those sadhus who with decorate and beautify your presence even further the already charming Dhama, and in his presence to hear hari-katha, chanting hari-nama and try to serve the feet of such Mahatmas.

If we are sincere in our attempt to make things right in a place so powerfully influential as Vraja, the fruits reap there are unimaginable and incomparably superior to any other result we obtain through any other action.

As the word implies, “Vraja” implies a constant motion, continuous adaptation in an environment where everything flows and sinuous moves at a pace that at times our rational trend can not understand at all and just want to doubt where each step, but we are advised for a moment trying to get carried away by the magic and power envelope of Dhama, and that we ourselves witnessing first through the life experience the immediate effects of such moments. Of course if there are questions unanswered in our hearts that can hinder our proper appreciation of a sacred place (and no doubt will be, especially the one, first visiting a place that for most can convey the feeling of “being in another dimension “), we always recommends to go quickly find advanced practitioners who by their words and behavior can clear any uncertainty within us, to avoid confusion, prejudice and unnecessary criticism that may deviate from the correct appreciation of what surrounds us.

Thus, under the guidance of guru, sastra and sadhu then approach the Dhama with proper vision of service (sevya-darsana), seeing everything in terms of service, and trying to pray intensely for the mercy of the Lord before our inner eyes reveal the true form of Dhama, which gradually emerge by the awakening of bhakti within us.

Text by B.V. Padmanabha Maharaj

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