Ashram team

First and foremost, the Vrinda Kunja Ashram team is a wonderful group of talented people. Another key point is that they are fully dedicated to performing their service with great care and attention.

A significantly unified team

Working together as a unified team, they create an environment of complete trust and love that is rare to find in this world. If you decide to visit our ashram for a few hours, days, weeks or months, the Vrinda Kunja Ashram team will make your stay an unforgettable, rewarding experience of a lifetime.

Vrinda Kunja Ashram team in Vrindavan

Paramadvaiti Swami - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Founder of Vrinda Kunja

B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

Founder of Vrinda Kunja Ashram (and numerous other temples worldwide). He is a Spiritual Master and global leader and founder of the Vrinda Mission.

As a Vaishnava renounced monk, he has devoted over 40 years of his life to serving Gaudiya Vaishnavas throughout the world. 

More information on Vrinda Mision in Spanish here. With this in mind, learn more here: Biography of Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti.

Vrinda Kunja Temple In Charge

Dinabandhu Seva Das

After many years of expirience practicing Bhakti Yoga, he has been placed in charge of the ashram due to his qualifications and training in the Vaishnava culture in Chile since birth.

He is also a talented musician.

Vrinda Kunja Ashram Secretary

Parvati Dasi

A committed bhakti yoga student and practitioner from Colombia.

Along with performing her duties as General Secretary of the ashram, she is a very talented dancer.

Bhadri Laksmi Dasi - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Inbound Tours Coordinator and Vamsikunja Ashram in Charge

Bhadri Laxmi Dasi

A very dedicated practitioner of bhakti yoga, she is the Inbound Tours Coordinator and Guest House Manager.

By all means she is in charge of Vamsi Kunja Ashram.

Ambika Dasi - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Public Relations Director

Ambika Krishna Dasi

As Public Relations Director, she is the face and voice of Vraj Vrindavan Act Now project.

HridayChor Das - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Braj Vrindavan Act Now Project In Charge

Hriday Chor Das

A dedicated bhakti yoga student from Argentina, when he is not tending to the ashram’s organic garden, he serves as the general coordinator of the Braj Vrindavan Act Now project. 

He is in charge of the Yamuna Kunja Temple too, and head supervisor of the Yamuna River cleaning brigade.

Raghunath - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Legal adviser

Raghunath Das

A very important member of our community.

He has been contributing his service for more than 20 years as a secretary of the ashram and dealing with all legal matters.

Kaustubha Dasi - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Book Trust in Charge

Kaustuba Mani Dasi

A devoted practitioner of bhakti yoga from Peru. She is the Seva Coordinator (in charge of the ashram’s Book Trust).  

Besides being an excellent cook,  she is responsible for maintaining the social networks which support the ashram’s projects .

Sandhya -Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Kitchen in Charge

Sandhya Dasi

Her expertise in culinary arts has qualified her to be in charge of the ashram kitchen department.

Bhakti Rasa Devi Dasi - Vrinda Kunja Ashram Team
Ashram accountant

Bhakti Rasa Dasi

An experienced practitioner of bhakti yoga from Ecuador, she performs the important tasks of ashram accountant.

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