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News in Vrinda Kunja Volunteer Ashram

A treasure awaits you in Vrindavan that may change your life. Answers to all of life’s big questions will soon be in your hands. Volunteer opportunities in India: come and dive into the ocean of spirituality. Vrinda Kunja Volunteer Ashram India project is ready to serve you at the enchanting Ashram situated in the very heart of Hinduism, Shri Vrindavan Dham, the homeland of Krishna. Come for a visit and support our social activities as a volunteer.

ByVrinda Kunja Ashram May 24, 2019

Braja Mandal Parikram 2019

We are happy to announce our 35th annual Braja Mandal Parikram, on this occasion with the valuable participation of Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

ByVrinda Kunja Ashram Jan 2, 2016

Ever wonder how Indian incense is made?

Since time immemorial we use incense in religious rituals. Recently we had an adventurous experience with incense on our Indian spiritual tour

Volunteering in Eco Yoga Villages
ByVrinda Kunja Ashram Jan 2, 2016

Eco Yoga Villages Around the World

Our effort is to create unique communities and more of eco yoga villages. We are establishing sacred places around the world to help people conne

Volunteering in Vrindavan - Vrinda Kunja Ashram
ByVrinda Kunja Ashram Jan 2, 2016

Volunteer organizations in India

Volunteer organizations in India represent a unique opportunity for inner personal growth while performing meaningful service to those in need.

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